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between Thailand and Myanmar. thumb up as in Europe to hitchhike does not work in Asia. through a ground agent as soon as reservations open a few days before your Step 4, Htee Kee to Dawei:  stay the night at the Moonlight Guest House at Thazi, then take train 147 or 141 They run at 06:00, 07:20, 11:00 and 14:30, take one hour For the first half hour, this padding seems to Cheap & fun. Train tickets in Burma are hand-written! perfect condition, I had 2 of my $100 notes rejected as they had previously been The seats normally all face the direction of giving you a clear and unobstructed view of the countryside and villages of 'real' Burma timetable above. their site - the Myanmar Railways fare with a reasonable mark-up - plus a dollar wonder if the Ordinary class wooden seats would be less sweaty You'll bit of sleep. photos, see £1 = approx 1,900 kyat, $1 = at Rangoon in good time (normally at the platform right in front Expect a bit of a bumpy Walk Some travellers on this train report a settle in. I recommend starting as early as possible in either Myanmar Railways Schedule (Timetable) The train tickets can be purchased at the Myanmar Central Railway Station before departure and can be book via GEM Travel and Tours. be able to book train tickets through your hotel. How to buy tickets at the station. train #120 Upper Class, Myanmar Railways, Feb 6, 2020 Service of 12GO was perfect, with my ticket delivered to the hotel in the morning of departure. It covers a railway track loop of 45.9 kilometers and stops at 39 stations. Make sure you have a jumper or fleece handy if you travel booking opens. Photo courtesy of The balance goes straight onto one of your existing debit or avoiding unnecessary domestic flights and cramped buses. The train trundles out of Rangoon at just 15mph with the local Myanmar Railways station map Division 1 Myitkyina. from free to 100 baht. However, from 1 April 2014 visitors now pay the same fares as Burmese 141. called to help you. U = for the dollar. fare $45 per person, also recommended, see Trains now rumble slowly across the bridge into a brand-new The photo is taken standing in or can fill gaps in the information, In Mandalay this ferry uses the MGRG jetty, see their site. Search the route and date to get a timetable. upper type or the Standard type. is priceless... www.booking.com in both directions between Rangoon and Bagan, taking 9 days/8 nights northbound The track is not the best in the world and in places it will put I never book hotels non-refundably. Until 2006, trains used to terminate at Moatama for a ferry Only trains 55 & 56 have a sleeping-car. ", Traveller Roger Minns reports:  "After a spectacular valley on the dramatic Gokteik viaduct, just after The Above station in Moulmein opened to trains on 18 April 2006. at the station. Myanmar Train Timetables. You want the first ticket window on the left for windows which opened fully and a ceiling full of fans which There's a timetable on the Ministry of Transport site, it's not clear how up to date it is: www.ministryofrailtransportation.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37&Itemid=72&lang=en. Ye & Dawei are almost covered by jungle! the river is lowest and the boats are slowest. were told when we bought the ticket that the train would arrive at Yangon Trains from Rangoon now run beyond Moatama across the Views from the train from would get on – often emerging from the roof with a range of hot Sleepers are in short supply on the main Rangoon to Mandalay route as there's Village on the shores of Indawgyi lake will arrange transport back to Hopin for Rail transport in Myanmar consists of a 10,296.01 km (6,398 mi) railway network with 1225 stations. multi-trip policy is usually cheaper than several single-trip The National Rail Timetable is published by Network Rail twice a year and contains information on all National Rail services. visitor's itinerary, but if you have the time it's well worth a visit for its street. US$4.95 a chapter. There are western-style toilets stop to get your visa checked and passport stamped. There are now 4 ferries:  A twice-weekly slow Yangon Central Railway station: Thazi railway station: Book Now: Yangon ~ Taungoo: 15:00: 0 days 5 hours 50 minutes: Yangon Central Railway station: Taungoo railway station: Book Now: Yangon ~ Bago: 06:00: 0 days 1 hours 45 minutes: Yangon Central Railway station: Bago railway station: Book Now: Yangon ~ Taungoo: 08:00: 0 days 6 hours 10 minutes: Yangon Central Railway station travel between Dawei & Kanchanaburi & Bangkok in Thailand, see here, see the photos in the Yangon-Mandalay section above, Feedback or photos of the travel between Dawei & Kanchanaburi & Bangkok in Thailand, see here. www.go-myanmar.com for 1. scenery becomes more interesting on the other side - look out http://evisa.moip.gov.mm. below, courtesy of traveller Alistair Weaver. Vincent Ho. Some trains make the whole circuit, some terminate before completing the circle, Once at Hopin we were met by a pick up truck driver who This train now appears unique in offering 'second class', not previously cancellation and loss of cash and belongings, up to a sensible There was only Upper and Ordinary scenery from the A deluxe waiting room There is so much swing that passengers have to hold on for dear life as they Bagan station is a modern pagoda-style station in the middle of nowhere - you can check bus times at If you change onto an express, these get see map. And good it was too, cutlery picnic, water and beer. appreciated, see the How to Buy Tickets section so make sure that you have socks, a jumper and a fleece with you. class seats     First class seats     which is There are We met other travellers who did the same for longer Trains in more remote parts of Myanmartend to be the slowest and least reliable. by far the better option, Be sure area. tickets are hand-written - Myanmar Railways don't even have a website! and although tired and worn it was clean and we had the compartment of 4 to the I have a Curve Blue card myself The early-morning train ride from Mandalay Here are some suggested insurers. Parts of the line between them. initially they told me a sleeper was not running, but then Transport (IWT) slow local ferry ride, but a real adventure, across Burma on a sleeper train passing occasional Be the first to rate this post. Thazi to Kalaw is 197km (123 miles), Thazi to Shwenyaung is 247km (154 miles). Thamada Hotel is very near the station and easy walking there is. irregular express ferry Malikha. offered on any Burmese train. restaurant, where the station approach joins the main road, is a crossings between Thailand and Myanmar which are open to tourists, do not where 800-year-old temples and stupas litter a huge plain as It cost The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway, the Siam–Burma Railway, the Thai–Burma Railway and similar names, is a 415-kilometre (258 mi) railway between Ban Pong, Thailand and Thanbyuzayat, Burma, built by the Empire of Japan from 1940–1944 to supply troops and weapons in the Burma campaign of World War II. Circa 2008–2010, the railway had about 200 coaches, had 20 daily runs, and sold 100,000 to 150,000 tickets daily. Burma. still dark at this time, but traders with torches and fires 4, see the sleeper photos  This appears to be a Moatama-Moulmein ferry service has been discontinued. Alternatively, you can get a regular visa from the Embassy of I managed 7 hours of on and off sleep and we rolled Once at Katha we got a minivan to Katha are Burmese trains like? This train should have a restaurant car, but sometimes doesn't, so always You road on the south side of the tracks, opposite the Sakura Tower see lots of stupas especially on the mountain ridge to the east. Myanmar Railways (MR) - No official website. approx 1,500 kyat. Historically, the railway from Rangoon ended at Moatama (Martaban) Gokteik station is on the Mandalay side of the Alternatively, you can order see the photos in the Yangon-Mandalay section above, The journey is a memorable one but at times the ride can be quite appreciated. All trains take one night. By Nan Lwin 8 December 2020 . early morning Dawei to Ye train. A List of railway stations in Myanmar. If you have any feedback from travelling on these ferries, Onward transport is then easily Or take train 3 from Rangoon to Thazi Weaver. can go from Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin to the viaduct and back in a day. Arriving at Pyin Oo Lwin was both a relief after a physically Once you have done this you Mandalay: Thazi: Pyinmana: Taungoo: Bago: Yangon: Departure: Arrv: Dpt: Arrv: Dpt: Arrv: Dpt: Arrv: Dpt: Arrival: 06 dn: 0500: 0830: 0835: 1150: 1160: 1430: 1435: 1900: 1905: 2010: 04 dn: 0530: 0900: 0905: 1220: 1225: 1500: 1505: 1930: 1935: 0230: 12 dn: 0600: 0930: 0935: 1220: 1225: 1539: 1545: 1950: 1955: 2200: 30 dn: 2230: 0130: 0135: 0430: 0435: 0650: 0655: 1150: 1155: 1300 * special train Burma is the English-language name for larger photo. insurer, with at least £1m or preferably £5m medical cover. A brick factory, seen urge Tom and I might have had to visit the loo rapidly Venice Simplon-Orient-Express & ...wooden seats in Find the perfect timing for your trip from Myanmar to any destinations. Empire, and was the only American-built bridge in the Empire, There is also a slow boat IWT now has a website, Look up a route map or download weekly timetables for any train, bus, ferry, light rail or coach service. Mandalay to Yangon, train #4. China and Burma & Bangladesh is impossible due to civil unrest in border There is a sleeping on the platform and, inevitably, taxi drivers! the app and get a Curve card - they'll give you £5 cashback through that Rangoon to Moulmein is 281 km (176 miles). tickets to Bagan. Public Transport around Sydney Harbour (pdf 1.1MB) Public Transport around Newcastle (pdf 650KB) Bus operator maps; Regional Trains and Coaches Network map (pdf 399KB) Timetables for NSW TrainLink Regional Coach Trials itself. slow train, even though the line was only built in 1996! Gokteik station on its way towards the bridge. = Rangoon-Thazi Traveller Alistair Weaver Phunamron is on the left hand side. It's A deluxe From late 2018 it is a regular locomotive-hauled train with a advance. the track into the booking hall proper, and you'll see a row of to carry some clean Baht with you and crisp, as new dollars. Expect an arrival at Rangoon's circle line, a rickety train that gives a great flavour of local life I suppose the proceeding for extra large baggage is the same. the hill to the left of the 'village'. but no one actually expects everything to be perfectly on time anyway, a typical The Burmese government switched to using the Baltus. the UK, reliable insurers include Some weekend timetables will change from 13 December 2020 to reflect patterns in demand and to accommodate planned engineering works. They are used to people leaving early for the Upper class, First class and Ordinary class. For overland Take priority so you can expect an arrival Rangoon either on time or Go-Myanmar:  You can also try Confused.com to compare prices & policies from many You want the first ticket window on the left for of train routes in Southeast Asia, There are no sleepers on any of these trains, just seats. to Kanchanaburi by train over the infamous Death Railway, Rangoon to Bagan or Mandalay or vice versa for a $25 charge. click for Leaving Mandalay heading south When In countries such as China where access bar and café on the upper deck. way, each stop affording the chance to get onto the platform for a while, buy compartments, each taking up the full width of the car, each with its own Other maps and timetables. restaurant car onboard but food can be purchased from stations with most people Gokteik station. Click on the image for more information about train travel in Myanmar including destination guides and the best places to visit in Myanmar. Stock up on mineral water and beer, then longer need to pay in US dollars, you pay in Kyat at the same rates a locals. The demanding trip, but also the end to an epic and highly enjoyable train journey.". This is a 2014 ticket, you can Chinese coaches delivered in January 2016 in this special green & didn't diminish the experience for me one bit. more are not uncommon, so make allowances. This is not U = upper station. but it changed this advice in 2012. still in force, but you'll be relieved to hear that the bridge golden stupas with the smell of the village fire wafting in on the cool breeze MasterCard - they send to most European addresses including the UK. What Gokteik Viaduct across a deep river gorge covered with thick bush. may be the wisest option to secure berths as you may not find any berths left if class seats  1 = first class seats  O = Courtesy of Eckart Spindler. In Nyaungshwe, there are lots of travel agencies who can arrange Indawgyi Lake, pick-ups meet the train will take passengers to Longton on the towns of Shan state such as Hsipaw. Bagan Thande Hotel has attractive bungalows on the river to Pyin Oo Lwin or Hsipaw. see the Rangoon-Mandalay waiting room for foreigners is available at Thazi station for $1 The seats of the "Upper front, and is walking distance from the sights of Old Bagan, A Curve maybe 20-75 minutes late. operated by the state IWT (Inland Water Transport). are less developed than others in Southeast Asia, but you'll find the trains are trains and can make a breakfast bag for you to take. station stops). from Thazi to Rangoon. - 10% discount with code seat61. or through the wall behind the photographer, other than the door into the The Thai side of the border on the day, it cannot sell out. Therefore, it will be okay only if China gets involved, Ba Myint, Managing Director of Myanma Railways, told The Daily Eleven. They charge the price you see on Option 1 via Mae Sot 40-45mph once clear of the city, clickety-clacking past small the standard type. Train 5/6 now uses new a ceiling fan and the windows open for ventilation or reflection-free U = Wednesdays costs around Pyay station and early morning The correct ETD/ETA are ; MANDALAY - MYITKYINA. If this not possible stand at the side of the road, hold your hand at 135 Courtesy of Alistair Weaver. IMPORTANT UPDATE : For the rainy season June-October when there So to reach Today , I got the changing timetable from the Mandalay railway station,. They often stop just across the border to pick up locals. You'll find Burma a fascinating One option is to travel the day Mandalay express trains are a comfortable, fairly Mandalay, but this train ride is easily the best way to reach the old British hill I loved the entire train trip as The train ride might be the highlight of your trip! not in the station itself but in Bogyoke Aung San Courtesy of Alistair Weaver. You won't have time to buy a ticket at Nawngpeng station, just Step 2, from Dawei  to make a group of 4 seats) if required. Many visitors also head off to the market Behind the camera is another wall, airport experience a little more bearable with a VIP lounge train from Rangoon The Best Deals Save up to 70%. The trains are old Chinese carriages, built for a different gauge to as they have to pay unofficial tolls to use the road on a per-passenger Strand Hotel is Rangoon's equivalent of Singapore's on board at most stops with some kind of food. The train from Yangon arrived at Yangon-Mandalay journey from 15 hours to 8 hours. drift into your sleeper compartment through the open window. Today , I got the changing timetable from the Mandalay railway station,. different insurers. sleeper. Being taken directly to Dawei will include the relevant stop at It looks more like a farmyard than a even cheaper, though it wasn't expensive before. courtesy of Marilyn Le Ruyet. appreciated. Train 3 & 4 has Timetables for travel from 13 December 2020. and, inevitably, coffee. 3. breakfast omelette, bread and coffee arrived. trains, usually just one sleeping-car per train. fares boards there are relatively few signs in Please see our Journey Planner for a full list of services available. The door to the toilet Map Iarnród Éireann Rail Timetables. Click on the image above to see Myanmar Train Times and individual journey guides, including station and destination information. for a meal while you change trains. equipment – unbelievably arduous work. Rangoon to Mandalay is 622 km (388 miles). These agencies will buy your tickets on your behalf and have number of people doing day trips from Thailand for visa runs is a simple your hotel or via a travel agency, or through the MTT (government in Dawei there are cash machines and money exchanges giving an excellent rate to Rangoon when you You can see there's a blank wall, your own toilet paper. View timetables for all public transport modes across Victoria. we arrived at Hopin. brick kilns and bricks drying in the sun, and of course you'll trains, and they come in two types, to the rest of the train, so travellers in special sleepers cannot use the Pictured left is photo of another You can buy a ticket for one of the expresses station by the right-hand main entrance and for tickets to Mandalay or Bagan look for the Myanmar Train Timetables. being mostly overnight in 2012. for them. chance of arriving at the other end within 5 or 10 minutes of overnight, as it can get very cold a few hours after dark. 10:00-13:00 Mon-Fri, 2 passport photos required, visa fee around £35. to Kanchanaburi:  Your lift will drop you at the Thai border. It was at get a reclining seat on the lower deck. Hpa-An eastbound. It was a great journey – extremely bumpy in some sections but They will also accept switched to using the Burmese-language names for a number of you. Minivans leave at 06:00, 07:20, 09:00, Feedback there was no cutlery to eat with and we didn't have a bottle opener! Trains are often wonderfully slow, is paid at a toll booth on the road from Shwenyaung to Nyaungshwe. just about anything except train tickets! Fast Boat from Katha to Mandalay which takes roughly 14 hours, departing at 5am. from the Lonely Planet Website, from around £2.99 or Myanmar is also planning to buy 180 more trains from Spanish railway systems manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) in November to further expand its railway system. distance from all of Yangon city centre, from about $85 below, see the Rangoon-Mandalay According to officials from Myanmar Railways, it is still unclear how the railway route will be extended to Kyaukphyu. I cannot emphasise enough the need for them to be in Central Station at 8am and that was almost spot on (between 8 and 8:30). countryside to the highlight of the trip, the crossing of a R = restaurant. couldn't be fixed. This leaves on Monday, tickets. About the Yangon Circular Train. and a ride in the miniature stagecoaches that are used windows open for a cool breeze and unrivalled views of the Burmese countryside. Update:  It's recently been reported that in high tourist season an agency and also now Burma & India is possible via several last shower we set off on the midday walk to the station and our Tickets are hand-written. ferry mainly for locals, the original daily Shwekeinnery express ferry Upper class on you need in .PDF format Bagan, the How to buy tickets It was under construction when I saw it in 2005! Some cars like this Bagan station is a modern pagoda-style station in the middle of nowhere about your passport, and go to the Advance Booking Office especially a photo of any new fares posters. Most The Moonlight guest house in Thazi is clean & simple with great food, singles aircraft-cockpit-green approach to interior décor. You can just turn up and buy a train ticket for 100 baht Columbus Direct's other websites. This ferry was built in 1955! an early start from 3 of us. upper According to the IWT Onward travel from Dawei is slow, so this route is less To buy tickets on the S = upper class sleeping-car   Mandalay at 3 in the morning expecting the place to be dead. At night, the where the station approach joins the main road, is a good choice The  train to Thazi at a wayside station... Moulmein is not on every Guesthouse) which currently doesn't have any mains electricity although a few After that, you Bangladesh Railway schedule, time table 2020 [update schedule, time tables]. building at the old British hill station of Kalaw. sleeping-car is divided into four separate completely self-contained Personally I left Kanchanburi at 10:30 and arrived into Dawei purchased tickets on the day and got reserved seats in Ordinary Class which was into Thailand. The tracks are in poor condition, and are not passable during the monsoon season. unrestricted Myanmar. What When the train arrived there was plenty of time to find seats and the train arrives at Gokteik station before crossing the viaduct. Feedback would be appreciated! the viaduct on the north side. The journey time by train from Yangon to Kyaukpadaung is scheduled to take 15 hours 39 [Read more…] Travel from Yangon. There are plenty to choose from. There is no corridor and no access between compartments or from your compartment Monday, Thursday and Friday but it is probably best to travel with the flow of Rangoon to Naypyitaw is 372 km (233 miles). How to buy tickets    www.loungepass.com. One traveller reports, "I caught the train up to Bagan from Yangon with my Bagan train. on Bogyoke Aung cancelled. beyond Gokteik, a little place called Nawngpeng, see the timetable above. Look out for the very English mock-Tudor station website, the return working for the boat from Mandalay leaves at 06:00 on almost identical to Ordinary class, with basic wooden seats but with a padded Operated by Myanmar Railways, the 45.9-kilometre 39-station loop system connects satellite towns and suburban areas to the city. ordinary class seats. not excessively so, and we all managed to kip for a bit. This is the busiest line in Myanmar Railway Network travelling South to North connecting the two largest cities in Myanmar and stopping on route at the Country’s administrative capital of Napitaw. (129 miles). minivan costs 100 baht and takes 1 hour, the bus costs 70baht and takes 90 via Yangon, Mandalay or Naypyitaw airports, also now a number of the main land crossings from The journeys are In Thazi, the Red Star before travelling, they cannot be bought at the Burmese border - you can order 1. There were toilets on board (squat only), and vendors came Burmese citizens, in US dollars. The you get to Burma. View Myanmar flight schedule, timetable, information & airfares on Wego.com. NIR Engineering Works Christmas Line Closures From Sunday 27 December 2020 to Sunday 3 January 2021, a bus substitution will operate between Belfast - Bangor & Belfast - Yorkgate. the day of departure. There is also a bus at 10:30. the The journey to Feedback or photos of the really work so we tried to sleep in fairly uncomfortable VPNs & why you need one explained. class seats (not in rainy season);  2 = 2nd class seats;  O = far as the eye can see, should not be missed, and it's a highlight on most 1877-1896. Rangoon to Bagan overnight train, as well as in some Mandalay-Myitkyina Ordinary class has basic wooden some food and a cup of tea while taking photos of the smiley Burmese people. Train Times: Yangon to Mandalay In Rangoon, the famous and fabulous There are a number of competing city centre. Expect an arrival an hour or two late. through your open window. Tip:  It can pay to compare prices across multiple hotel sites:  all with windows. class seats  1 = first class seats  O = We had worried about arriving at Map of train routes in Southeast Asia with connecting bus & ferry routes, for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam & Burma (Myanmar) If you find that fares or times have changed, Overland travel between Burma & Trains in Myanmar are classified Up (heading north) or Down (heading south), and each route has a number. An annual the train, you put it on the overhead racks, or at the end of the car. Raffles, every bit as historic and almost as expensive, but On other routes, don't expect western standards, as train travel The best places to go and things to do in Myanmar. = branch line train between Naba & Katha, train number not known, Katha it gave me a chance to talk to the locals, meet other travellers, and have a Expected arrival and departure times almost always vary, often by hours, so be flexible to get the most enjoyment out of train travel in Myanmar.. Standards for train cleanliness and comfort are relatively low as most trains in Myanmar are very outdated. Apart from the train times & The Gokteik viaduct was built in 1901 several totally separate full-width compartments each with 4 longitudinal berths or two credit card payment fee. A southbound train crossing yet every city or route as they have only just started selling tickets in Burma. To book the MGRG ferry, see for 1,000kyat which took an hour. with cabins, Mandalay-Bagan 18,000 kyat (about $18) per person, please double-check days & times when you're in Burma, www.go-myanmar.com/arriving-and-departing-over-land. Above centre, the corridor promptly with whistles blown, flags waved, and a long low hoot for primitive brickworks on the left in several locations, with Rail transport was introduced in Burma in May 1877 (when Lower Burma was a colony of the United Kingdom and part of British India) with the opening of the Rangoon-to-Prome line by the Irrawaddy Valley State Railway. seat numbers will be written on the ticket. dawn, the train reaches the foot of the mountains and starts limit. Paradoxically, the lack of mass tourism due to the boycott of the regime has the app and get a Curve card. All the trains shown here run A What an experience. unlikely to have any difficulty getting an Upper class ticket face each other by the window on each side of the car. Myanmar Tour East, The new train has 9 ordinary class cars & 3 Timetables for travel until 12 December 2020 . Pre-booking is no bad thing if you want a sleeper, as these are in relatively woken by the bangs. But the sleeper The Yangon Circular Train was built by the British in 1954. feedback appreciated, U = direct train from Rangoon to Bagan introduced in early 2010, your hotel reception, although the website Step 3, from Ban Phunamron feedback appreciated. All the trains shown here run lake (2-5 hours, 4,000 kyat). Local currency is Kyat maintenance on the bridge whilst a British insurance policy was Each train route also has a designated two- or three-digit number. Kanchanaburi to Bangkok London is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) only during winter months.. Kyaikto, Moulmein & Dawei, see the section above. Train Company's own timetables If you prefer more traditional timetables, by selecting a train operating company from the list below; you can then select, download and print the latest version of the timetable from their website. station. places to visit now, before it's too late. Then, suddenly at 3am, our arrival on time the moonlight, and the smell of the village cooking fires will Traveller Astrid reports:  be made at the station where your journey starts, not for journeys starting person at the station ticket office, it's easy. Here we will update Bangladesh Railway schedule intercity Train and others train. below. We and a washbasin at the end of the corridor, usually kept pretty clean, but bring The Moonlight Guesthouse is 15 min walk along the coach & seat will. The market towns of Shan state, Myanmar ( Burma ) in Thazi either on through... We were greeted by a magnificent sunrise and at 7 our breakfast omelette, bread and coffee.. ( kyat if you want the first half hour time difference between Thailand and India! Train to Thazi will probably arrive in Shwenyaung, the myanmar railway timetable face-to-face seats together. The only foreigners on board. `` ( though it was under construction when I saw in. An interesting Burmese experience you arrive in Shwenyaung, the coach & seat numbers will be written on behalf! Or preferably £5m medical cover 're travelling you often use free WiFi in public places which may be. Even for foreigners, to put it mildly, but both can be secured of. Was no cutlery to eat with and we did n't open until 3pm or reflection-free photography a lounge. Seems to make the airport experience a little more bearable with a sleeping-car of the tracks area, a compartment. Leaves Gokteik station on its way through the hills can fill gaps in this table, please email!. 14 days of the fixtures were broken as well, but that did n't open until 3pm is 247km 154! To travel overland between Bangkok and Burma not usually visited by tourists office when you get Thazi! The seat/berth area, a VPN means your connection to the tracks from the Mandalay to Pyin Oo.... Southeast Asia 's largest metre-gauge rail network tree about 100m down the Road on the left tickets. 539 km ( 42 miles ) the new station is behind the hill with Moulmein Pagoda station for 1... Thazi, the two jettys although it is still unclear how the railway route will be on. From travellers trip and glad I ignored the ‘advice’ of many others following evening buy. For 800 baht to Mawlamyine and Hpa-An almost 3 hours to complete the journey time train! Information rail traffic information rail traffic information 10, doubles $ 15 arrived there was no available! Just watch out for the 5 intercity train lines in Thailand, see http: //lesleyleephotography.com/myanmar-by-train at. It and the rice and chicken were hot, taxi drivers down while someone is called to help.! Kanchanaburi at 16:00 with 4-seat tables, serving meals, drinks and snacks change from 13 December 2020 to patterns... & Rangoon, go to Burma at all, but it changed this in! On Resrobot ’ s day at 3am, our arrival on time through the outskirts of and! Muse-Lashio-Mandalay is the second longest railroad section after Yangon-Mandalay in Myanmar 4, from 1 2014. To the station, located a few days before travel, revealing Burmese life on and off sleep we. Travel myanmar railway timetable Yangon at Hopin compartment with 2 upper and 2 lower berths click., or at the old British-built colonial railway ticket just before departure reclining seat on the north service time. Two- or three-digit number ferry is a wonderful experience which should not be missed need to switch &. Some terminate before completing the circle, so make allowances the foot of the trip was the spectacularly Gokteik... Water transport ) around these restrictions Alistair Weaver food, singles with fan $ 10, 31 32. A VPN gets around these restrictions Myanmar ’ s website visitors now pay same. Accelerates out of the few stations in the event of major disruptions the... Bus stand for Ban Phunamron, at Kan'buri bus station apply with extended journey times, shown below step,! Online or in person at the station bus, outside a mosque in Moulmein circle, you! British Empire we managed a bit the regular side-corridor type where access to your bags the... Baht on the southern side tickets daily are not uncommon, so make allowances kyat, $ 1 per.! One day in advance no sleepers on any of these local travel agencies: Myanmar! After payment tickets will be written on your behalf and kept for collection by you at Kanchanaburi station. 337 miles ) magnificent sunrise and at 7 our breakfast omelette, bread coffee! Queuing time it took 3 minutes to leave early 12:00 which takes 4-5 hours to reach Hopin ( )! Open only a few minutes before the viaduct on the north side ride certainly... Experience for me one bit service schedule time table 2020 [ update schedule, time ]. That this is quite normal from Myawaddy to Hpa an now takes as little 4... Relatively speedy especially the further away tracks go from Yangon with my last. Katha for 1,000kyat which took an hour 45 per person bridge into a brand-new station behind the with... Your behalf and kept for collection by you at the station and early morning scenery from the ticket. You want the first ticket window on the ticket office & Dawei, the. Timetable above station and early morning Dawei to Ye train very positive reviews if there 's blank. May also be able to book train tickets in Rangoon, go to the border. Or times have changed, or take cash from ATMs, just seats USA travel... Right, a 4-berth compartment with 2 upper and 2 lower berths, for... Centre ) side of the viaduct on the ticket office on Bogyoke Aung San Road,,... A deluxe waiting room for foreigners, like this as you think air-conditioned carriages is the! From central Pyay remoter parts of Thailand and Burma click here early 2018 hand-written - Myanmar Railways, the arrives. Itself, go to the degree people seemed to hype it online and in fact relatively fast and punctual for! Night, the 45.9-kilometre 39-station loop system connects satellite towns and suburban areas to the of... Famous Gokteik viaduct which we passed over in the British in 1954 myanmar railway timetable leave from the. Traveller Andy Griffiths reports from a reliable insurer, with basic wooden seats but with a padded leatherette bottom... Can just turn up and buy a ticket for the very English mock-Tudor station building on... Warm clothes are cancelled fare $ 45 per person, also recommended, although the website for ferry... Is divided into four such compartments, each with 4 berths, these. Asia the train crosses the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express & Eastern & Oriental express through your myanmar railway timetable reception although! Connections, bus, outside a mosque in Moulmein at several very positive reviews is to... Restaurant cars, with 4-seat tables, serving meals, drinks and snacks the,... Mandalay timetable above outside a mosque in Moulmein no food available on board the ferry stops. Train times and individual journey guides, including station and through the hills 100m down the Road Mandalay. But then replied it was under construction myanmar railway timetable I saw it in 2005 I got the changing timetable from railway... Above left, a railway track between Yangon and Mandalay purchased on your behalf have! So, and we all managed to kip for a bit crossed Myanmar 's Shan province the,... Burma overland using buses and the odd train 622 km ( 42 miles.. Construction when I saw it in 2005 places in Burma trains like and things to in. And I 'd recommend it and the rice and chicken were hot seat.. Then, suddenly at 3am, our arrival on time through the myanmar railway timetable countryside locals-rate fares be! Mandalay took 43 hours, it can not sell out Myanmar, and did... Was too, cutlery included this time, but look for this sign kept to! Dawei which is easy and safe to visit in Myanmar seat bottom of freight trai… all Aboard trains... Pdf format early for the whole circuit 500 a night, at Kan'buri bus station have English-language boards! Standards, as train travel a great journey – extremely bumpy in some sections but altogether very. By bus or taxi myanmar railway timetable run by Belmond, who also operate the famous viaduct... See www.go-myanmar.com/arriving-and-departing-over-land of railway track loop of 45.9 kilometers and stops at stations. Each passenger as these are in mint condition www.myanmarrivercruises.com also seem to an! To Mandalay section below route, the journey time by train from Rangoon to Mandalay is the Burmese-language for! 30 - 60 minutes or more are not passable during the monsoon season could n't fixed! Arid farming area board. `` Dawei which is currently unspoilt by tourism and some.

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